November 18, 2018

Online Gaming! (Fortnite and More!)

Fortnite video game birthday party in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia

EDGE Party Trailer is proud to offer online gaming!  You and your friends can play Fortnite (and soon, other online games) in the climate-controlled comfort of our luxurious video game party trailer!

We recently equipped the trailer with everything we need to play Fortnite on an Xbox One. For the next couple of months, this is a free add-on while we work out the kinks, if any. If you want players to be able to play Fortnite, check the box, otherwise we will not make it available. Note: Fortnite is a “T” rated game. Fortnite is a single player battle royale game. We will create a list of players who want to play Fortnite. Each player will play until their character dies and the next person will play.

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